Hextech Karma

Another champion of League of Legends for the topic "Hextech"... finally done after serveral changes. - A kind of counterpart for the Hextech Morgana I did last year.

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  1. Muito Legal >_<

    Karma Linda sz

    Comentário aleatório brasileiro :x

  2. Why did you feel the need to white-wash Karma? That's extremely offensive to the ethnicity that she is based on and I hope you realize why doing that is terrible.

  3. Neither terrible nor I'm feeling bad for trying another coloring of the character. Since you sadly ignored on the other side the fact that I gave Morgana for another concept a dark skin color instead of her "classic" white skin. ;) No need to complain and I accept that you really don't like this version of Karma. But don't worry... after almost five years I would give her definitely the dark skin color according to the present concept ingame that I prefer. - Sorry for the late answer, didn't keep an eye at the blog for several months.