Project "Arising"

Months ago I started the project "Female Shaman" to create a little animatic. - During the process it became a concept for a whole fictitious game and the animatic should be the trailer. The shaman got a rework and she also got a name finally: Airwyn. A kind of wrath nature sent out, to regain stolen artefacts, guardians, treasures etc. from heroes people are used to play in typical Fantasy/Sci-Fi-Games.

A quick explanation of the idea: Just picture the scenery that you have to fight all those "good" heroes because they kept things and loot from their journies/adventures that were not designed for them forever. Nature recalls all the presents given to human kind, because they still want to hold them. - And with Airwyn the player has to get all the things back...

Teasers from the actual animatic:

Concepts, overlays and artworks:

4 Kommentare:

  1. Ich denke mal die Animation kann man sich noch nicht angucken? Würd sie gerne mal sehen :)

  2. Es gibt zwar Zwischenstände, aber die habe ich nicht hochgeladen. - Wird dann mit dem fertigen Animatic passieren. ;) Da wartet momentan aber noch einige Detailarbeit.

  3. Zugegeben ich ebenso, nachdem der Aufwand für das einst kleine Projekt so "ausgeufert" ist. ;)