Character Artwork - Vrylklyen

A commission done for a character for the roleplay system The Dark Eye months ago. And my first attemp to work with color for such artworks instead of the "classic" style only with pencils.

The female character is a Maraskani and a Half-Elf, besides also a fighter wearing her civilian clothes in the artwork.

2 Kommentare:

  1. You pretty much captured her inner and outer self: pretty (due to being half-elf, but not overly beautiful), and exotic (Maraskani-part), earnest (fulfills her duty, is a survivor of many battles, but also an outsider) but not cold at all (she still is a good lough beside all she's been trough). The colouring emphasize that.

    Btw., did the player like the artwork?

    I always liked Vryl, the char is extraordinary - while oters made fun of my half-elf Maraskani Priestress of Phex ( ;_; ), Vryl always had the respect of anyone who ever stood beside her in battle or at the campfire. And how could you not respect her, looking at that pic?

  2. I like the art (though I'm not sure why an (atheistic) elf would couple with a (highly religious) Maraskani). And even though I like the coloring I think It maybe is too unobtrusive. Maraskani are always said to wear extremely colorful clothes that defy any aesthetics because they combine the wildest colors to a point where it gives you eye-cancer.
    But I especially like the "cloth print". Maraskani speciality.

    Well...half-elf Maraskani are that ignores the teaching of the twins, become a priestress of just one of the twelve-kin is even more rare. I always learned - Maraskani are not Maraskani because of their point of Origin, but because you accept the truth of the Twins.

    Praised be the Beauty, brothersister ;)