Emblem "Revenge"

For those who like "Serenity Firefly" the following style could be well-known. I got a run to try different concepts after I found the first old concept.- Created for my crew from the freighter "Revenge" for the roleplay "Serenity". Wohoo, shiny!


3 Kommentare:

  1. Yay Gunni!

    Not sure which one I like better, pic 1 or 5.
    The last one is especially interesting for its teal/petrol/bluegreen writing. Plus I really love that font. It also helps with those not capable of reading chinese. AND as there is a mix of English and Chinese language in the Series, it totally fits the theme.

    I also like the first one, although it is more plain/"simple" than the last picture, with less connection to Firefly. BUT that corona is just awesome! Maybe you could add it to the last (5th) one? I'd love to see that ;3

  2. Yay Eva!

    Enclose now another version... ;3