Wrath Morgana (Legendary Skin)

Time for a new Morgana artwork for League of Legends. - Although there are still a lot of skins for her, I decided to go for an legendary skin. It started by chance and I was quite satisfied with the process and now also with the final artwork.

Also I tried to get an impression, how it could be in the game. - Enclosed there are two other concepts (3D-Model and Client) for this. Besides some variations of Morgana herself.

... and at least a wallpaper version for 1920 x 1200.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Oh mein Gott... deine Artworks zu LoL sind hervorragend, aber ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass nach der Daemonic-Serie nochwas tolleres kommen könnte... WANT! :D

  2. Hello,

    I like your art very much and I like this Morgana especially. This is why I have a small request to you:

    Can you please upload a bigger version of Morgana drawing so I can put it to my desktop? (1920px width would be great)

    Thanks in advance and keep posting please, I love your works!

  3. @Claudius
    Danke. - Gerade dieser Skin hatte es mir persönlich angetan, da kommen ihre bisherigen Varianten etwas ins Hintertreffen. ;)

    @Van Damm
    I take care of a wallpaper, I will add it to this post. And thanks!